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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sometimes I think back to the good times when I was younger and subsisted off Christmas gifts of crafting tools, Nintendo DS games, and my aunt's annual B&N gift card (s/o to all my gamer nerds in the house). But then again, now we have the good days when Amazon is taking over our lives offers deals that war with my brick-and-mortar-bookstore-loyal heart.

Though my gift flow's been thinning over the years, the shift from tangible gifts to the intangible has been natural - now it's more about the warmth of the season and the presence of loved ones. Also most definitely the aroma of those caramelized baked pecans ohhhhh yes lord.

I like this progressive system. I like how less gifting leads to more thought, including when someone wraps diarrhea pills into their white elephant gift (man, genius). My bank mint account likes how it finds a sweet spot of quality and affordability.

For your best friends, sisters, cousins, girlfriends, moms, or any acquaintance of the female specimen - I've curated an assortment of things and such that will hopefully delight her heart.
1. Chemex Cream & Sugar Set, $39 - Think Chemex is hip? Let's talk hipper.
2. 3-Piece Metal Trivet Set, $19.95 - Oh the prettys!
3. Stainless Steel Taco Holder $13 - Taco night, effortlessly elevated.

4. Soup MugSoup Mug^2, $9-11 - We already have too many mugs, so make the next one special.
5. Copper Tumbler, Copper Moscow Mule Mug, $19 - Because copper is always a class act and always a win.
6. Glass Tea Bottle, $25 - Functionality & style on-the-go.
7. Stumptown x Mast Brothers, $27 - Homemade mochas + invite me over.

8. Leather CardholderSeamless Card CaseEverlane Card Case Wallet, $40-65 - Sheaths to arm the urban city girl.
9. Ombre Foldover Clutch, $38
10. Monogrammed: Madewell Bags + Clutches, West Elm Leather Zipper Case, prices vary - Just a reminder Madewell has a 15% student discount.
11. Stone + Cloth Benson Backpack, $49.50 after discount

(My fav section - nothing like celebrating the beauty of the written word and the printed picture.)
12. Darling MagazineCherry Bombe, Life & Thyme, Kinfolk, DriftCereal $15+ -
You can often find discounted earlier editions at retailers like Anthropologie. Specialty coffee shops often sell these too (Weekend Coffee in Dallas has a great selection.).
13. Monogrammed Minted Stationary (Cyber Monday sale extended) - Fun fact: I went to a dinner gathering hosted by Minted's CEO Mariam and she's awesome.
14. Artifact Uprising Photo Goods - Because pictures, need I say more?
15. Appointed Paper Goods - Perfect cover-all notebook, done.

Andddd now for the exciting part:
I will be giving away an edition of Darling Magazine ($20 retail value + sold out online)! 
Enter your FB/email on the widget by Tues 12/8 11:59pm EST to enter - Leave a comment on the most meaningful gift you've received and feel free to submit extra entries through the additional methods. Winner will be chosen at random and notified Wednesday 12/9. 

Congrats to Cristal for winning! Stoked to know you've heard about Darling - hope you enjoy! :)

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  1. I once received big care package from my family around my birthday. It included warm clothes for the winter, food, and some notes. My brother wrote on a piece of copy paper "Happy Birthday" and it just made me cry because I really missed my family. This is really cheesy, but the simplest things can touch your heart.

  2. This is me commenting! Go Vicky, you're so cool!

    1. Ooo girl, just tryna be as cool as you!

  3. Wowowooww can I have all these things please?

  4. this is literally perfect

  5. The most meaningful gift I've ever received was my very first peacoat jacket my little brother got me for Christmas. He though I would need it because it'd be colder at Georgetown than it was in Vegas.

    1. Oh my goodness that's so sweet - yeah, you could definitely put it to good use over here. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I got a sewing machine. It's made me able to give people thoughtful gifts. It's kind of the gift that keeps on giving!

    1. Ahhh those are the best kinds of gifts - thanks for sharing MaryAnne! :)

  7. The most meaningful gift I ever received was when my fiance had surprised me with a gift at my bachelorette party. It was completely unexpected. The gift was a perfume that I used to wear on the regular during my A&M days wayyyyy before we even started dating. I couldn't believe he remembered the scent AND remembered that I ran out of it!

    1. Cristal I miss you and your joyfulness! And man that sounds like #relationshipgoals haha, +1 to David. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. You're literally so cute and your blog is darling.

    Not commenting for the giveaway but just to say hi and say that I love your style ☺️


    1. Ahhh thanks Jennie! So encouraging to hear :)

  9. Awesome website Vicky! Maybe Ill get my sister these gifts...

    -Jason J

    1. Thanks Jason! You should def do it - I think she'd be really happy :)

  10. My most meaningful gift has been being listened to and understood by my friends. I know that one is abstract! I just had to say that one though.


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