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Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello hello! Just a short little note:

I will be in China during June and thus MIA for a bit - the government's been cracking down on its technology restrictions so even gmail might be rough. (Though I'm glad for a breather from the endless streams of social media blasts, I am unashamed to say I'm still holding out hope for my beloved channel of square-shaped picture optimization.) I will, however, be brushing up my Chinese instant messaging skills on WeChat (and perhaps LINE?), so if you have any of those, please do feel free to reach out and remind me that there is civilization on the other side of the muggy masses of pollution (don't get me wrong, I really do love China).

I'll be in Europe in July so the great undervalued privilege of free speech access shall be returned to me then, but communication on my end will likely still be sporadic.

Please bask in the glory of high pressure showers & toilets for me, and I will in turn consume too many carbs for my body to handle for y'all.


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