Fight the Good Fight

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's hard to hide it. It's draining to deal with.
The hurt, the brokenness, the spiritual strainings and strivings (extra points if you catch that Du Bois reference), the times when your soul feels irreparably vulnerable.

Of course, this is where the threads of community can begin weaving the first strands of renewal, where it can start working to stitch together a wounded and tangled soul.

But where community cannot reach, where it cannot penetrate - this precisely reflects the reason why the hurt is so deep. It's not merely of this world, it's founded on the the sin of man and the bitter workings of Satan.

We try to fill the emptiness with things of this world - inevitably things that will always fall through, because we live in a fallen world. Don't you see? Emptiness is a conditional part of existence on this earth. (Yup, quite the sombering conclusion.)

Yet fear not, for that's where He is; that's where God's waiting to reveal his beauty. Fear not, for he is closer than ever. It's these moments that illustrate the depth and fullness of his love, that you can see him, that you can lose yourself in him, that you realize he is the only one left to turn to, that to live is to worship, to speak to him, to read the living word. That goals are worthless without him and you are hopeless without him. That you desperately need him, and you need him more and more each day.

That we are soldiers everywhere in this world. That we fight on separate battlegrounds but for the same King, and that king is one who delights in us profoundly more than our human hearts could ever delight in him.

That that aforementioned king is one who has so perfectly and meticulously created us as beautiful beings to reflect him, and our natural response to who he is is thus to worship, to adore, to serve, to do so all while abiding in him.

Yes, times will be trying and direction will seem lost. When giving up or persevering both seem like hopeless options - what is there left to do?

As beautifully put by a dear brother of mine, let us be bold in our love. Because if anything, that's something that this world needs pretty dang badly. It's because our worldly institutions of family, friends, society, whatever - however weak or strong they may be, they all fail at giving and receiving love in a way that fully satisfies the soul, and it's because only his love can do that.

So let's love better together, with his love that he generously showers upon to any and all who ask. Let's remember together that we are broken so that we may see him and his hope more clearly, for we have waiting for us a place that knows no emptiness and radiates only wholeness. What is now left to do is to fight the good fight until the day Christ comes back in fullness and heaven embraces us in completeness.

Stay strong, for you are not the only one fighting battles. Ultimately, stay strong, for the world is already overcome and the war already won.
Don’t you see? The principle is that a Christian is both happier and sadder at the same time. The gospel makes you a far more sensitive person, a far more feeling person, but at the same time a person who is feeling because you’re more hopeful than anyone else, a person who is able to sense and see the grief because you have a joy unspeakable and full of glory. (Timothy Keller) 


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