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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Of course I would wake up at 7am Sunday morning, forsake the enticingly soft hotel bed, and trek over to a coffee shop with my laptop...all while on vacation. But friends, this is not your average cup o' joe. This is the Intelligentsia experience, which I had luckily discovered the night before to be headquartered in Chicago (it's times like these I truly believe in the beauty of using 4G to find food smartphones).

At the same time, that's not to say it was wowza life changing straight from the moment I walked in, but Intelligentsia has all the key factors to the quintessential coffee shop experience. Low key industrial decor (to reflect the structure of nearby Millenium Park), consistent juxtaposition of metal and wood, and illuminated abstract artwork adorning the walls - yep, they've already got decor down.

I'm definitely investing in specialty coffee beans once I get back to school; sustaining through the year with Starbucks beans was nasty rough to say the least.

I really wish I could say more about the coffee itself besides the fact that it was solid. Lattes always get to me with the aesthetic appeal, but I very much prefer black coffee. I mean lesbireal, you can actually taste the flavor. You can tell if it's deep and hearty or acidic yet rich - but once you add milk, it throws off the whole equation. I've decided my resolution from now on will be to order drinks with greater coffee-to-milk ratios if I don't get black. At least my morning bun (with orange zest!) was tasty. 

And of course, the baristas are great. My DSLR always labels me as a pretty conspicuous tourist, but I sensed zero judgment here (huzzah!). The barista who served me (the one in the black shirt in the picture lol I'm so creepy) had a friend who went to Georgetown and was moving to Argentina (forgot why), so it made for moderately interesting small talk to boot. 

And can I get a holla for that student discount? (My mind when I saw the sign: as;ldfdskljf yas they understand us!!)

Intelligentsia Coffee
Coffee & Tea, $$
53 E Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60601


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