Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{In the background above is a Georgetown student's rendition of Starry Night (van Gogh) using our historic flagship building (Healy Hall) as the subject (oh look, an example of the beautiful!).}

Anyhow, so much has happened this past year that words are too limited to contain it all. I think my mind is still processing it all anyways - hence the graphic so I wouldn't have to conceptualize it in complete sentences (except I ended up kinda doing that anyways at the end whoops). It basically captures the general viewpoint that though college is as awesome (and more) as everyone says, it's not gonna be smooth sailin' all the way through. 

College is awesome. Because whether scrawled across the brick wall of the main campus square (as in Starry Night's case) or displayed in the polychromatic floral arrangements across campus in the spring (apparently we have a serious flower budget), beauty can be found anywhere. 

But I really experienced the ugliest of it all - something I didn't include in the graphic because I'm still figuring it out - near the end of the year. It was the first time I had gotten sick during the whole school year, and not only did I feel sick to my stomach but also sick to my mind. I had busied myself so much to the point that my body was pleading for a break (and then compounded with DC springtime allergies.. 'twas not a pretty picture). 

It disgusted me. How we're so busy. How we can work ourselves to exhaustion and sickness from all the busy little things in life but tell ourselves to keep on going because we're almost done and then you're packing up your room and a whole year is over and then what just happened. 

Well, life happened. Way too fast. And while I definitely got a few slap-in-the-face-wake-up calls over the course of the year (Urban Plunge foreva), I still forget more often than I'd like that life is so much more. And although this isn't new news to any of us, especially at Georgetown, it's something that demands much more thought than we think. Really, what do all these little things add up to? Because as of now, the parts are not adding up to a fulfilling whole for me. But I know we'll continue to explore it together, because the Hoya community is truly one-of-a-kind and one that continually grows to unparalleled heights and depths, year after year.

Which brings me to: Embrace the community, wherever you are. Because it's only when you share life with others that you'll realize there are so many people out there who's stories align surprisingly close to yours. There will also be those with radically different stories from yours, but they will be beautiful all the same. There will be people that you click with almost instantaneously, and there will be people who seem so naïve or so not-like-you... but really, who are we to judge? It took a while for me to truly realize that everyone's at different stages; everyone's been through different things - so thus, we think differently and we approach life and/or faith in our own individual ways. So wash away that pride. Open your eyes and open your mind to the unfamiliar. Talk to strangers. Take initiative and be intentional, especially in your relationships, because time will be gone before you know it.

So without further ado, there is no better way to end this post than HOYA SAXAAAAAAAA! It's been real, guys. Looking forward to where God takes us in these next few years. <3


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