Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm still a little perplexed by the name of Perry's. It's named after Commodore Matthew C. Perry - the 19th century US Navy officer remembered for opening up Japan to the rest of the world. I'm pretty sure that was not a very welcome advance from the perspective of the Japanese, and considering this is a Japanese restaurant...oh well. I'll just enjoy the breezy rooftop patio seating and the servers who offer us alcoholic drinks except thanks but no thanks we're not old enough yet.

(...Until it got a little too breezy for comfort. Cue the migration to the comfortably air-conditioned great indoors.)

This was honestly the classiest (and most aesthetically pleasing) fish and chips I have ever had in my life. The fried remnants of the whole fish, the side of chopped ginger and scallions, the lotus chips - w o w talk about detail.  

And Perry's has unique desserts too - have you ever heard of green tea crème brûlée? The olive green tint looks pretty gross in person, but it basically tastes how it sounds.

If only the service was a little more prompt...then Perry's would be an ultimate winner in my book. Overall, definitely still a recommend though - the ambiance really lends itself to fit any occasion. And rooftop patio seating with lights. Rooftop. Patio. With lights. In case you didn't get it already.


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