Wednesday, March 5, 2014

 Four meat grinder, here we come.

 The king of all turkey clubs. 

'Twas a foggy day. - Spoon University article!

Stachowski's, sweet holy mother of all sandwiches - where hast thou been all my life?

My turkey club basically came wrapped in the shape of a cube - these guys don't joke with their meat or their detail or their servings. The avocado, the turkey, the bacon, the alfalfa sprouts, the cheese, the perfectly toasted bread - the everrrrything was just so, so good. You'd probably really have to be on a sandwich grind to be able to down that four meat grinder, but hey it still looked like artery-clogging amazingness.

And yes, some of their sandwiches do rise up to the pricier side, but then you realize that you're essentially paying for two meals, so it works out anyways.

The place itself is pretty cute and the menu adorable (though seating is very limited), the workers are all super friendly, and you can pick up some good ol' meat/bread/pastries/groceries on the way out if your mind can handle the thought of more food.

Bottom Line: A (A+ if just comparing to sandwich places)
I'm not lying when I say that turkey club was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had in my life - possibly even the best. However, the size of their sandwiches is both a pro and a con -  I'm the type that likes to finish my food, but I still had leftovers which I ended up reheating/toasting later on during the day. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but after the initial excitement, I realized one meal of sandwich goodness was enough for me. Every once in a while (and especially on clear walkable days!), though - Stachowski's is undoubtedly a winner.


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