Sunday, March 16, 2014

Free afternoon tea anymore? Oh, the perks of photographing for a foodie website. Anyhow, to the actual review:

Lady Camellia, YOU GO GLEN COCO.

But seriously, this place is so Georgetown. And I'm lovin' it.

As for the tea, I will say I am by no means a tea aficionado - we just wanted one with a deeper flavor so our server suggested the Assam and yeah, 'twas tasty with the pastries. Which brings me to...

Oh. my. goodness. The pastries. So I thought I didn't like scones. I thought afternoon tea portions were measly and overrated.

Well, I thought wrong. The scones (we had plain and white chocolate cranberry) were so delightfully melt-in-your-mouth buttery and perfectly complemented by the strawberry preserves and made-in-house cream. The macarons are yuuuumy (then again, they're also owned by Macaron Bee), but the cupcakes are aite - I never thought I would say this, but the frosting is seriously better than the actual cake. The dark chocolate cupcake has this thick, truffly ganache frosting and the lighter mocha frosting has coffee grinds sprinkled over the top - mmmm.

And fun fact of the day: They import in a bunch of their food/ingredients/Iforgotexactlywhat from France, and they are also authorized dealers of Royal Albert fine china (which I'm assuming is the super cute chinaware they use).

All in all - you literally feel like you're sitting in a dollhouse, service is friendly and accommodating, and prices are pretty reasonable. As of now, it's definitely still a hidden gem in the neighborhood (literally, they don't have a store sign yet besides a standup easel outside the door), so go bask in the soothing relaxation before it gets overcrowded like every other unique cafe-esque establishment in the DMV area.

Bottom Line: A
Okay so I probably wouldn't go often anyways since I usually like my food a little heartier, but Lady Camellia is just SO CUTE, the prices are pretty reasonable, and the pastries are so buttery delicious. 


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