Saturday, March 22, 2014

First off, Dukem was my very first Ethiopian food experience so I don't really have any standards to compare it to.

They didn't have live music the day I went, but the Ethiopian soundtrack playing in the background sufficed for me. Mix in eclectic collections of mystery food items on the various combination platters we ordered (like a mystery meat Monday except actually legit) and community finger food fun, and I think we have a winner. 

As for the food itself, it's definitely got some spicy punches to it, but I like how every different meat/veggie option continually surprises your palate - overall, there's a great assortment of both vegetarian and meat options. The injera bread is interestingly spongy, but it gets soggy too if you eat the parts directly under the food.

Service was pretty standard, and though I might not necessarily be back often, Ethiopian food is definitely worth the experience. The only con is the aftereffect  - no matter how much you try to wash your hands, they carry the dang smell on them for a good bit of time. It's like smelling like oranges after you peel one. Except instead of a fresh citrus aroma, it's got this powerful, pungent scent. Alas, you can't have everything in life.


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