Thursday, February 6, 2014

And this is what home looks like. (Okay not really, but close enough.) Seriously, with an ordering menu that is straight up in Chinese, you know it's going to be legit. I ended up getting some 葱油饼 (scallion pancake) to go for breakfast the next morning, but of course I caved and had a piece before we even walked out of the restaurant...oops. 

A&J, please open up closer to campus please please pleaseeeeee.


Lo and behold, the Lord has answered my prayers for authentic, yummy, and cheap (huzzah!) Chinese food in the DC area. You know it's legit when they serve tea before water and the ordering menu is in straight up Chinese. And extra points for having a clean and fairly well decorated interior.

The noodles taste like home (and if you're not Chinese/Taiwanese, I guess they just taste really good), the fried pork & rice is crispy and life-changing, and the spicy wonton soup has perfectly sized and flavored wontons (It feels like usually the less meat they have, the better quality the wontons...I think it's an Asian thing).

If your stomach unfortunately can't take the whole menu in one night (a girl can dream), you can always order some of the appetizers to go (like the scallion pancakes) and just pop them into the microwave/toaster the next morning.

Also, PEARL MILK TEA FOR $2.85 WHADDUP. My Asian taste buds (and Asian-trained wallet) are crying for joy.

Just remember to bring your paper presidential friends.


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