Friday, January 10, 2014

Burgers and super loaded voodoo fries (um hello creepy name) from The Butcher's Son. Apparently the sliders were not manly enough for the guys.

Erin's banh mi was actually reeeeally long (from the Nammi truck)! She finished about half of it before giving it up to the trashcans (aka the guys and I).

I'm so happy all the Christmas decorations were still up. They make any holiday time experience so much more happy-making. (Sorry not sorry for the redundancy.)

And this is the only picture I have that has my ice cream sandwich (from the Cool Haus truck). A friend had recommended it to me earlier, so I was excited to try out my ice cream sandwich consisting of their signature chocolate chip cookies and dirty mint ice cream. Maybe I was just overexcited, but that was definitely not worth $5.50 outta my wallet.

At least the skyline is pretty.


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