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Friday, January 10, 2014

Little did my poor, unenlightened high school self know what Dallas had to offer as a foodie city. I unfortunately still didn't have the time to check out most of the restaurants I had wanted to, but rest assured - I definitely more than made up for it... by yelping even more restaurants. (Yes, I know my logic is infallible.)

But I'm glad I got to try out Sip Stir before I left for school again! And because I am once again too lazy/don't have time to write more blog-friendly commentary, yelp review it is:

Sip Stir knows how to do ambiance.

A barista/coffee center enclosed by glass, posh seating arrangements, and a balanced hum of an appropriate coffeehouse playlist - Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Starbucks anymore.

The S'mores Latte was stellar. (Also stellarly expensive. Yup, I just made that a word) And coming from someone who usually likes her coffee black, that's saying something. Just take a look at the picture; these guys really pay attention to detail, and it pays off. I can't say the same for the pastries, as they unfortunately were not particularly notable out of the limited selection they still had by the time I got there (afternoon ish).

Then, there are the friendly baristas who tell you the wifi password when you order (well my backpack might have tipped them off) and bring your drink to your seat! Um yes pleaseeeee. It's really all these little things that add up to making Sip Stir an awesome place to crank out some work or schedule a catch-up... Or just for treating yourself to pretty drinks.


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