Saturday, January 25, 2014

Phone camera + dim lighting = iffy quality.  

I love this place. The crepes aren't cheap or anything, but they are so. worth. it.

So I'm not usually one to get the traditional signature flavors when I visit places since I always forget about Brandon's genius rule of thumb. (Which is basically to always order the classics/signature dish first, because if you're not satisfied with their more foundational dishes, that would not bode well for the rest of the menu).

Which means I would not usually order a strawberry banana nutella crepe if I feel like I could just make one by myself, but oh my goodness this is a classic for a reason. I'm sorry for doubting you, SBNC (Strawberry banana nutella crepe...I was too lazy to type it out. Well I guess I just did.), because you sure delivered.

Oby Lee, you are proving yourself to be a beautiful place for palates to be pleased and glorious memories to be made (largely due to that first part).


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