Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As usual, my roommate Mannhi is hand modeling. 
Another hipster and pricey coffeehouse - so DC. Though I do like how the 'I' in their grungey logo is a coffee press, so kudos to whoever designed it. 

I'm also glad I did not order a pour over coffee. Yeah I get it, that's what Filter is known for and they're supposed to be super special and life-changing, but if I can watch them make someone else's and pretend it's mine, that's good enough for my wallet me. And then of course the barista still convinced me to order one of their special roasts (I'm impressed, Mexico.) instead of just a normal coffee. 

-(Cue the review)-

Filter is a unique little place.

There's an interesting selection of music (Really, there's no other way to describe it. I think I heard an electronic kpop song in the mix too?) that's a bit on the loud side, and for some reason (at least on the day I went) there were a lot of awkward silences where the music just randomly stopped for an extended period of time. Well, it's only awkward if you make it awkward right?

Anyhow, this place is also always suuuuper busy. I ended up sitting on the bench by the door for so long that I just started embracing it. Staying ever alert to catch tables as people leave them takes too much brainpower when I'm already trying to get some work done anyways.

I can't tell if they deliberately did not renovate the bathroom, because it looked pretty ratchet. Oops sorry, I meant effortless hipster. Guess I don't blame them for saving unnecessary expenses when the bathroom matches the rest of the ambiance without needing any upgrades.

And of course, the coffee is quality caffeine. Good flavor and a good amount. You don't even need to get their fancy pour overs and whatnot if you're looking to save some extra bucks because the normal coffee (or their special roasts) is solid enough anyways.


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