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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The best s'mores crêpe ever.
(Yelp wheeeeeee:)

Oby Lee was a great reminder that first impressions are often inaccurate.

Oh yes, they are. The man at the cash register (I think it's a pretty safe assumption that he's Oby - also given all the yelp references to him) came off as a bit curt the first time we went for our s'mores crêpe, and it took seemingly forever for our beloved baby to come after we ordered it.

But thinking back, a crêpe that intricate must take time to make, amirite? And not gonna lie, it was definitely worth the wait. (I'll let the picture speak for itself.)

Anyways, after scoping out the scene at Northside Social and agreeing that Oby had better offerings, we ended up going back an hour later to pick up some pastries for a White Elephant present. This time, the dude complimented my jacket (Apparently it looks very sharp. Cool.) and was pretty helpful in recommending pastries too (But really, I would've rather taken home that whole display case.) We made some pleasant small talk about White Elephant parties, and he packaged up our pastries for us (Oh! The puffins! I want more!). But what really set him apart was that he included extra cookies and candies and decorated the pastry box so that it looked much more fitting as a present - For free! ¡Gratis! Wahooooo! Talk about customer service. (You da best, Oby.) He also makes it a point to try to remember all his patrons - I appreciate that.

I will definitely be back to try out those savory crêpes. And maybe also every other sweet crêpe on the menu.

This picture doesn't really do it justice since all the goodies shifted around, but basically it looked super cute. And thanks again for the puffin (puff pastry muffin) Wayners! It was a pretty dang good pre-flight breakfast. How fitting that my last DC experience before leaving for winter break would also revolve around a pastry.


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