La Tasca

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I haven't had tapas in a long, long time. My first experience a few years ago didn't make a big impression, so I've never really felt a pull to try them again. 

But I now realize the other half of life I've been missing out now; thank you La Tasca for enlightening me. I think the picture can speak for itself, and these were only half of all the tapas we ended up ordering. We might've kept on going until whichever genius it was at the table (I forgot who haha) proposed a post-meal McDonald's run, and who am I to say no to warm apple pie? Honestly, Mickey D's could supplement any meal in the world. 

Conclusion: Tapas = happy maker, wallet breaker. You're never gonna walk out full anyways, so might as well spend your money on something filling. Actually, I'm probably not truly happy if I'm not satisfactorily full. (My mother would reprimand me for that mindset. Whoops.)

Also, the hostess didn't even say goodbye to us as we walked out. There wasn't even a glance of acknowledgement even though we made eye contact and there was a big group of us. Ummmm excuse me? I don't know if I'm just being old-fashioned, but I very much appreciate common courtesies. -1 star, La Tasca. 


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