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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'Twas a good day.

Apple & Brie Crêpe Chips

Brian and Nelly visited me at school! It was also ironically Parents' Weekend, so the weekend was a flurry of cute parent run-ins in the dorm and family dinner outings. We joked about how Brelly could have been my parents (I bet they could have passed for it given the circumstances).. except that would mean they would have been pre-teen parents. Yup, I think not. 

Anyways, after they finally navigated through the winding passageways of Gtown (real talk it's a bit of a struggle when people visit) to my dorm, I showed them our fabulously decked out dorm room, and then we walked through the Georgetown neighborhood to lunch - complemented by the perfectly breezy fall weather. 

(Review start)

...And it was love at first taste.

The place was full when we went for a late Friday lunch, so the hostess told us it would be about a 10 minute wait (on the outdoor chairs). Luckily for us, the weather was comfortable and breezy, and it indeed took no longer than 10-15 minutes for a table to open up (I was impressed already). Ambiance was cute and quaint, and though CB is small, the background noise level was the perfect low hum to complement the relaxed atmosphere.

We started off with the Apple & Brie Crêpe Chips - mmmmm. The chips were crisped to perfection and the apple & brie together were a divine combination of sweet and savory.

I got half of the Mirabeau with half of the Roquette salad ($10 lunch specials are your friend). The crepe...oh yus please. I liked how it had just the right balance of sauce and shrimp - a lot of places just douse the food until it becomes a soup of straight up creaminess.

CB provided a thoroughly satisfying yet not-too-heavy meal - basically my ideal formula for addiction. And if you're craving a cheaper dessert, hit up T. Sweets across the street for your sweet fix. Just try not to think too much about that gloriously savory crepe you just had.

(Review end)

Really, seeing them was such an encouragement - it was a fabulously relaxing lunch/catch-up date (including a stop for ice cream and a spontaneous campus tour hehe). Thank God for good company and good food awesome honorary parents and physical and spiritual regeneration. <3


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